Broken BellTwin Foxes

Providence, Rhode Island's indie-punk rockers Twin Foxes just released their sophomore LP titled "Broken Bell" on February 5, 2021. Engineered by Jared Mann who handled vocals, guitars and drum duties at Distorted Forest Studio between 2017-2019, except “Move out West” which was recorded at Blanketfort Records in 2013, the new album features 11 blistering and authentic sounding indie rock gems, ranging from melancholy 90s sounding indie pop / emo punk anthems, to lo-fi-ish slow-core with hints of shoegaze-esque fuzzed out rock. The songs sound sincere and the production fits perfectly with the moods and emotion expressed throughout the record. There is a nice range of dynamics and varying tempos throughout the 11 songs, but it's still an entirely cohesive effort, and Jared's knack for rich melodies, catchy hooks, and punk aesthetic remain intact, even on the slow burners. Expect lots of slow build ups before the distortion and hooks kick in, but when they do it's well worth the wait, as evident on songs like 6 Years Old, Move Out West, and You Are. Don't sleep on this release, it's a good one.

Broken Bell album artPurchaseFebruary 5th, 2021