Portland-based band TENTS have announced their new LP 'Medicine' and have shared the official video for the title track which can be viewed below. The LP will be out 10/11 on Badman Recordings.

Said about the album, "Medicine is the sophomore effort of Portland based outfit, TENTS. It is a fist fight between melancholy and resolve. Medicine sounds like an indie record that was made in the Northwest. The hooks, the production, and the sensibilities are of the fold. The sentiment, however, is not. It is on the front foot. It is brave, celebratory, and intent. In Medicine, TENTS departs. Most of the songs on Medicine were conceived, not unlike a soundtrack, to videos Brian Hall created." It is also said that "the album scales many different terrains. At times full of joy, at others grief, these songs visit pain, but they erupt from inside of it, presenting the listener with the notion that life is full of beauty and meaning."

TENTS is Amy, Chris, and Brian Hall, joined by drummer Joe Greenetz (Sherwood) and Bassist, Matt Taylor (Motion City Soundtrack). Remi Aguilella (Daughter) also played Drums on Medicine.

Medicine album artPurchaseOctober 11th, 2019