This Is Not A Safe PlaceRide

UK four-piece Ride announced their forthcoming album, 'This Is Not A Safe Place,' due August 16th via Wichita Recordings. "Future Love," the first single from This Is Not A Safe Place, is an excellent return to form. The Oxford quartet narrate the hope and optimism in the start of a relationship through effortlessly melded shoegaze dynamics, melodic psychedelia, and their distinctive Transatlantic harmonies. Produced by 2017's Weather Diaries collaborator Erol Alkan and the fourth of the band's albums mixed by Alan Moulder. Coming together at the end of 2018 and start of 2019, they gathered influences from the Jean Michel Basquiat exhibition at London's Barbican Centre and the post punk sound of The Fall and Sonic Youth, for an album rich in their trademark shoegaze atmosphere, whilst simultaneously sounding rejuvenated and creatively ambitious.  

The official video for the new single "Future Love" can be viewed below.

This Is Not A Safe Place album artPurchaseAugust 16th, 2019


Jason Gordon

The return of 90s shoegaze...

June 17th, 2019

This 90s shoegaze/dream-pop thing has made a big comeback in the last several years. But what's more exciting is the rebirth of all these great bands from that era releasing some of their greatest albums after being absent for so long...I'm looking at you Swervedriver, Slowdive, and now, the highly anticipated follow up to Ride's comeback album from 2017. If the new single is any indication, we are in for a fantastic return to form. Can't wait for this release and excited to see them at Riot Fest in Chicago in September too!