You Should Have Bought More FlowersSecret Stuff

Nashville, TN's emo/indie rockers Secret Stuff will release their debut LP "You Should Have Brought More Flowers" on July 17, 2020.

The band states about the album "Named after a sign on a defunct florist shop next to a bar in Long Island observed on Secret Stuff's very first tour, You Should Have Bought More Flowers is the band's very first full length record. It is an exploration of the weight of living in a world that seems increasingly cold and uncaring and the struggle to find meaning and comfort with those that you love.The title track from the forthcoming LP can be streamed below."

Fans of high energy midwestern emo/indie rock in the vein of other Nashville favorites like Free Throw, Better Off, Pale Lungs and the like, will greatly enjoy this. Be on the lookout for their new full length this month.

You Should Have Bought More Flowers album artPurchaseJuly 17th, 2020